Saturday, November 29, 2008

Updated Collection of China Silk

Salammmzz & Good day 2 all

As promised last week, plz view the updated collection of china silk..The price for code B21 - B30 is much different compared 2 d previous collection. U all boleh nampak perbezaan yg ketara such as corak bunga yg besar and tanah bewarna hitam/merah/biru. The price RM58. The rest, price still maintained RM35. If minat, cepat2 la oder b4 sold out! :)

B21 Booked by Kak Ena



B24 Booked by Yang

B25 Booked by Lia

B26 Booked by Ms Noraine TM

B27 SOLD to Kak Maz

B28 SOLD to Rachelle


B30 SOLD to Ms Noraine TM

B31 (purple)SOLD 2 Kak Yati! cunn!! ;)

B32 (brown)

B19 (pink) SOLD to Kak Su

B15(red) SOLD to Kak Su


B20(green+yellow)Booked by Yang

B33 (green)Booked by Yang

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Collect Hutang!


2 all buyers who hvnt remit payment, plz do so by tomorrow!. The new collection of china silk will b uploaded this weekend. Plz come and visit my blog on Monday. TQ all my customers 4 d continuous support! i love u all..muahhhsss :))

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nokia Handphones 4 Sale!!


Just went back from ITSD Retreat. Overall it was good. D food, photo session, playin pool, pingpong, chicken dance!..dont forget 2 call me again next time ya ITSD Team :)

Ok folks, now i got offer from my new buzz partner..Handphones for Sale- Nokia Brand!!..Plz refer d list below. Manufacturing Warranty - 1 year! Good Price oready!!

Nokia 1200 - RM120
Nokia 1208 - RM145
Nokia 1209 - RM148
Nokia 1650 - RM200
Nokia 1680 - RM240
Nokia 2600 - RM250
Nokia 2630 - RM275
Nokia 2680 - RM340
Nokia 2760 - RM275
Nokia 3110 - RM353
Nokia 3120 - RM465
Nokia 3500 - RM430
Nokia 3600 - RM625
Nokia 5000 - RM330
Nokia 5200 - RM410
Nokia 5300 - RM505
Nokia 5310 - RM600
Nokia 5320 - RM620
Nokia 5610 - RM780
Nokia 6120 - RM585
Nokia 6210 - RM1020
Nokia 6300 - RM510
Nokia 6500 - RM850
Nokia 6600 - RM925
Nokia 7210 - RM420
Nokia 7310 - RM520
Nokia 7610 - RM755
Nokia e66 - RM1330
Nokia e71 - RM1370
Nokia n70 - RM730
Nokia n73 - RM860
Nokia n79 - RM1330
Nokia n81 - RM1060 (2g)
Nokia n82 - RM1275
Nokia n95 - RM1215(1g), RM1470(8g), RM2130(16g)
Nokia n85 - RM 1680(8g)

To view the phone design, plz visit Mobile website (check right menu) or you can check from NOKIA website.

YM, Email, msg via shoutbox or comment 2 make an order!. limited stock!!

Now nak prepare bace oren bijak!..bace 6x, dgr 6x..adess la..huhuhu


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Congrats 2 Ms Azla


Congrats n TQ 2 Ms Azla coz telah memborong sbyk 5 pasang kain china silk 2day! :) Kosong skit Beg kainku ini. TQ gak 2 Kak Ena coz tlg promote. Leh lantik jadik agent kt Melaka ni! Commisyen kita YM ek! hehehe

Kenkawan suma, sowy this week x dpt nak beli new collection of china silk coz attending 3 dys IT Retreat kt PD. Next week la, lagikpun dh time gaji! So leh memborong a new collection n mengollect hutang piutang! :)))

Coming product 2 b published - Pampers Pet Pet, Handphone & Jersey Collections!

S0, rajin2 la bukak my blog 2 get d updated collection ye!

C ya..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Magic Iron Pad!

Salam & Gud day 2 all..lame betoi x update kt blog ni..nak tambah collection buat mase ni eknonomi gawat, so sabor la smpai ujung bln ni ye kengkawan.

Btw, ni ada new product yg menarik!. Alas Seterika Ajaib!! sesapa yang malas nak meng"iron" baju tu...leh laaa beli magic iron pad ni..berkesan n menjimatkan masa...yg lelaki leh hadiahkan kat wife jimatkan masa utk gosok baju korang...Bukan mahal pun...RM29.90 jekk

Keistimewaan 2 in 1, iron depan, blkg x pyh iron dah, tahan setahun, menjimatkan elektrik, mudah & cepat!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

China Silk Updated


After bought few collections of kids apparel, beli plak kain2 china silk added up existing stock. Planned 2 buy ready made baju kurung, but d price a bit xpensive!. Akak tu ckp rege baru naik last week..uikss x kan pasal OBAMA menang, china silk naik rege plak! musykil sungguh!..neway, i juz bought kain aje..teringin sgt nak beli kain yg bunga besar cam ready made punye!, but d price gile mahal!..if still got anyone interested kain yg bunga besar tanah warna hitam, mmg byk!..but d price tu la dlm RM55-RM60..Ada berani?? hehehe. ;) Collection yg kt bawah ni cuma RM35 shj!!..U all p kedai len x dpt reger tuh..survey kt kajang n bangi ari tu rege dlm RM59..cepat cepat, sape cepat dia dpt! :)

Code B11 - SOLD 2 Haz!!

Code B12 - SOLD 2 Kak Azla!

Code B13

Code B14 - Booked by Kak Gina

Code B15 - SOLD!!

Code B16 - Booked by Nanee!

Code B17 - Booked by Nanee!

Code B18 - SOLD!

Code B19 - Sold to Yang!

Code B20 - SOLD to Haz!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fred Factor

Assalamualaikum & Gud Day :))

Hi everyone..juz came back from 2 days workshop at Melaka - Fred Factor!..Great Workshop I ever attended so far. I learned how passion in our work and life can turn d ordinary into d extraordinary..Million thanks 2 d speaker Ms Christine! 4 main principles I will remember s long i still breathing:

1.Everyone makes a difference
2.Success is built on relationships
3.You must continually create value for others - creativity is a key.
4.You can reinvent urself regularly

Now i know who is Fred, only ordinary person - a postment in US. Yet d way he did his job, is a perfect metaphor 4 everyone who wants 2 achieve n excel in d 21st century! Dear my frendz, nobody can prevent us from choosing 2 b exceptional. D only question dat matters at d end of d day is "What kind of difference do we make"? Let's start from now. Clean our heart, do something different, create value for others n reinvest ourselve. It makes a world a better place! Best Wishes 2 All.

Smile alwiz! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ladies Xcessories

Salamzzz 2 exhausted 2day. Juz moved 2 a new office. I like d carpet n feature wall, match n nice view. x sabo nak start a new task wit a new challenge!. ok frendz, b4 this i oready uploaded a few collections of kids apparel n china silk ready made baju kurung. n now here comes a collection from ladies xcessories (Pearl Necklace n Brooch). ni pun just tlg fren of my sis..Pearl necklace tu come with gelang n buat sendiri tu. nk upload suma, 2 many, so i juz upload which eva yg cantek n menarik aje la..more 2 come soon! Harga pearl RM36 sahaja!

Code E1

Code E2

Code E3

Code E4

Code E5

Code E6
Code F1

Code F2

Code F3

Code F4

Code F5

Code F6

Code F7

Code F8

Code F9

Code F10

Code F11

Code F12

Code F13

Code F14

Code F15