Friday, October 24, 2008


Salam 2 All

Anyone ever heard bout OD (Overdraft)? I believe some of u dah familiar wit d OD term but most of u not even hv a clue? cam I muda muda dlu la, x bape nak paham..skang umo dah berubah, baru jek betukar minggu lepaih..:p. I got 2 know bout it from my sis (si yaya ibu si dhani tu la) later on from a few staffs in ITSD (TQ Melor :) and somehow 2nite tetiba my xuitm frenz promote me 2 visit her hubby's blog. What a coincidence, the blog posting bout how we can manage our money in a gud way specially via OD. At first time si yaya xplained, dkt 10x dia xplain, still blur blur gak..masuk lam otak 20% jek, then I search d info from internet - bicara jutawan. My knowledge level increase 2 50% n now I would say I'm gettin a clear picture of it (TQ 2 Miss Aju's husband. On his way 2 achieve millionnaire title..caiyo! caiyo!). If anyone interested n need 2 get more info, plz visit d url of Jutawan hartanah :)

Overall tro OD, we could save our money tremondously. Use OD 2 settle our CC, settle loans, increase more saving. 2 apply 4 OD, 1st u need 2 hv something for cagaran la..But most people guna ASB certificate.

CIMB called me this afternoon dat my OD has been approved. Alhamdulillah! :) 2morrow will meet Ms Nora @ KLCC to sign d agreement. May Allah bless my Journey :)
Dah kul 11.30pm..sleep dulu memula cam rajin jek masuk blog, tgk la pas bape bln, ada penuh sarang lelabah dlm ni..muahhahaha. salamzz

My Lovely Nephews

Love u my lovely nephews Aniq (4yrs) & Dhani (1 yr)..muahhsss

Everday Aniq sure will call me and ask 2 buy him mainan..
Alang : Aniq nak ape?
Aniq : Aniq nak car, helikopter, bus, lorry, robot, bedoza
Aniq : Alang kat mane?
Alang : Alang kt school
Aniq : Teacher alang ada ke?
Alang : Ada
Aniq : Nak ckp dgn teacher alang
Alang : Tak leh
Aniq : Kenapa?
Alang : Jgn la tanye kenape?
Aniq : Kenapa?
Alang : Nanti alang beli mainan aniq ye..bye bye..i love u..muahss
Aniq : I love u

end of conversation..