Friday, November 7, 2008

Fred Factor

Assalamualaikum & Gud Day :))

Hi everyone..juz came back from 2 days workshop at Melaka - Fred Factor!..Great Workshop I ever attended so far. I learned how passion in our work and life can turn d ordinary into d extraordinary..Million thanks 2 d speaker Ms Christine! 4 main principles I will remember s long i still breathing:

1.Everyone makes a difference
2.Success is built on relationships
3.You must continually create value for others - creativity is a key.
4.You can reinvent urself regularly

Now i know who is Fred, only ordinary person - a postment in US. Yet d way he did his job, is a perfect metaphor 4 everyone who wants 2 achieve n excel in d 21st century! Dear my frendz, nobody can prevent us from choosing 2 b exceptional. D only question dat matters at d end of d day is "What kind of difference do we make"? Let's start from now. Clean our heart, do something different, create value for others n reinvest ourselve. It makes a world a better place! Best Wishes 2 All.

Smile alwiz! :)