Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ladies Xcessories

Salamzzz 2 all..fuhh..so exhausted 2day. Juz moved 2 a new office. I like d carpet n feature wall, match n nice view. x sabo nak start a new task wit a new challenge!. ok frendz, b4 this i oready uploaded a few collections of kids apparel n china silk ready made baju kurung. n now here comes a collection from ladies xcessories (Pearl Necklace n Brooch). ni pun just tlg fren of my sis..Pearl necklace tu come with gelang n buat sendiri tu. nk upload suma, 2 many, so i juz upload which eva yg cantek n menarik aje la..more 2 come soon! Harga pearl RM36 sahaja!

Code E1

Code E2

Code E3

Code E4

Code E5

Code E6
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